Friday, November 8, 2019

Homework for the week of November 11 to 14, inclusive


Monday: Patterning homework sheet

Tuesday: no homework

Wednesday: Multiplication homework sheet

Thursday: no homework

Monday, November 4, 2019

Homework for the week of November 4-7, inclusive

Monday: multiplication practice (morning)

 45                       902                       75                      73                    29                    436
x62                      x36                     x15                    x26                  x19                    x43       

Tuesday: dialogue assignment for Drama practice (afternoon)
Write a dialogue between you and your parents about what you would like to do for Christmas. Each person in your dialogue must have a minimum of five lines. You and your friends will be acting out your dialogue later in the week and next week so make certain there is plenty of detail.

Topic: a dialogue about what four kids think is the best sport

Kingston: Hey guys, what do you think is the best sport?

Presley: I think hockey is the best sport

Ava: In my opinion, I think soccer is the best sport

Ahria: I think basketball is the best sport

Kingston: I think football is the best because it is more of a team working sport. 

Presley: nah, I don’t like football as much as hockey because hockey is better.

Ava: do you have an actual reason? You can’t just say its the best
and not have anything backing your opinion

Ahria: I would rather basketball; it’s still a team sport. I still like soccer but I
would still rather basketball.

Kingston: I don’t really like soccer because of how often somebody fakes getting hurt.

Presley: I agree with Kingston

Ava: Doesn’t everyone fake getting hurt sometimes? Half of the time people hurt
themselves playing sports. Either by not warming up or by twisting in the wrong

Kingston: It’s not as often in football because they get hit in every play so they
HAVE to suck it up!

Ahria: In basketball, you can still get hurt badly because your finger can get bent

Ava: Kingston said you get hit in your hands but I think, that’s the point.
In every sport, you get hurt somehow.

Wednesday: writing prescribed sentences (morning)

Write five sentences each containing a noun, verb, and adverb. Underline the noun in red, the verb in green and the adverb in orange.

Thursday: practice drama reading (afternoon)
The drama that you wrote on Tuesday needs to be practiced. By practicing you will see what you may have missed. This is an excellent way to edit your work. Prepare to act out your drama in class.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Homework for the week of October 28 - 31

First of all, may I apologize for not posting any homework for the past two weeks. Life got away from me. I hope you took this extra time to practice multiplication and play outside in our lovely Fall weather.

Monday: Grammar Homework (morning group)

Tuesday: Health homework (afternoon group)

Wednesday: patterning homework (morning group)

Thursday Have fun!

Monday, October 7, 2019


Dear Parents and Students,
Over the past few weeks (since school began), we have been working on multiplication of single by multiple digits and double by double-digit multiplication. Sadly, since several students do not confidently know their multiplication facts, they are struggling with how to do the work mentioned above.

Therefore, homework this week is solidly learning multiplication facts so that the students can find success in math this year. Parents, please be aware that if a homework task comes home, your child has been taught how to do it, fully. If they tell you otherwise then perhaps they didn't understand and don't want you to know they don't understand the concept. Everything in your child's math future will be related to numeration, multiplication, seeing the pattern in numbers. Memorizing multiplication is the only way they will find success. Only you can invest in your own education.

May I suggest that you flip the cards in a deck of cards to memorize your math facts. When I taught my daughter, and she struggled with the 4 times tables, she earned a Smartie for every correct answer.

Have a good week,
Patricia MacKinnon

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Progress Report Cards

Dear Parents,

The upcoming progress report cards are currently being worked on. In a progress report card, there are two areas where I am to evaluate. The Learning Skills denote how your child is progressing in areas of responsibility, independent work, initiative, organizational skills, collaboration, and self-regulation.

The marks are preliminary assessments of academic knowledge and successes and are indicators as to where your child needs to focus and work in order to increase knowledge and succeed in the subject area. Here are the qualifiers for the grades assessments.

Image result for progress reports grades Ontario

Image result for progress report card learning skills simple rubric

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Serious Egg Allergy in our class

Dear Students and Parents,

One of our classmates has a SERIOUS egg allergy. Please DO NOT send egg in your child's lunch for the health and safety of our classmate.

Thank you,
Patricia MacKinnon